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We finished all the jobs with young wines from 2019. All the wines, especially Amphora series estimated with good potential. Also we expect much from Vranac Rose. The style was changed and wine is great, very different from all other rose-Novello style. Chardonnay from 2019 is standard hi ... Read more »

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This beautiful tree was planted by the Consul of Montenegro in Japan, Madam Keiko Oku and the owner of the winery a year ago. A blooming tree is a symbol of good relations. Lipovac products are delivered to Japan, and we appreciate the cooperation between our people and countries, trying ... Read more »

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3000 pieces of Chardonnay were planted this March. We did it due to the production increasing of the Idea as the most popular wine from the Lipovac.

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Kratosija is the best according to the Italian oenologists. Wait for Tammuz 2019, it will definitely be special.

Meanwhile Vintage 2018 is ready for bottling! Production process of red wine Tammuz Amphora is unique. Only best grapes of Kratosija (same variety with Primitivo, Zinfa ... Read more »

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Would you like to taste Grappa from Lipovac? The true embodiment of the Italian temperament on the Montenegrin land. Meet Lipovac Rakija in the autumn 2020!!

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Delivery of wine to Russia is a kind of experiment. We are interested to know whether the Russian buyer will like the wine.

Today Lipovac is the only supplier of wines from Montenegro. However, the history and culture of the two countries are closely linked, and learning more abou ... Read more »

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Let it be the year of pleasant discoveries, new friends and unforgettable meetings. Be happy. Happy New year!
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Established in August 2012 & located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Hedonism is a fine wine & spirits boutique where you can find... Lipovac wine!!!.

Yes!!! Tellus 2015 and Gea 2017 are among the best wines in the world in the most talked about wine project of rec ... Read more »

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Winery Lipovac was awarded with a Trophy BIWC 2019!!! Best of Show from Montenegro became red wine Tellus 2016. The jury selected the winner between more than 800 competitors. Everyone attended the open air festival was able to taste more than 1000 wines by 100 wineries from all around ... Read more »

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Special presentation of Lipovac wines was held in Tokyo. The Japanese market is very important for the winery. Since the beginning of the year, our interests are represented there by the wine company Maekawa. The Japanese respect the traditions of winemaking and appreciate the quality of ... Read more »

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