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Vines Vranac
Growing area The plain of Tuzi, characterized by loose and fresh soil, alluvial derived. Climate is characterized by moderate summers and mild winters thanks close to the action of the Skadar Lake. Here you get the softer wines, fruity, with a certain degree of alcohol content, but very balanced.
Planting year 2005
Density 5000 plants per hectare.
Training system Guyot.
Production 9 tons per hectare.
Picking Manual selection of grapes in the field.
Winemaking Manually separated stems, then there is the pressure of grapes with a slight crushing of grape bones. Before the start of the fermentation the grapes are cooled for several hours at 4 ° C. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature between 25 °C and 28 °C (77 °F and 82 °F) and a total duration of about 15 days. Subsequently, after racking, malolactic fermentation takes place without addition of activators.
Refining In French oak barrels and barrels of 3rd passage for about 10/12 months. A further refinement will be placed in the bottle for at least 3 months.
Serving suggestions Appetizers and first courses of ground both simple and complex.
Serving temperature 18 °C / 64 °F

84th International wine competition «Novi Sad»

Silver medal for the quality

Dionizijana Split, 2017

Silver medal for the quality

Decanter World Wine Awards 2017

The wine is recommended by Decanter

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Sabatina 2017

Silver medal for quality


The variety Vranac - authentic Montenegrin variety. Besides Montenegro, this variety is also grown in Serbia and Macedonia.

Basic description of this variety with all ampelographic characteristics, was given by academician Marko Ulicevic 1972. «From this variety produces the dry wine, with unique taste and character, which is characteristic for the Balkan. The berries are large and dark, but the wine is moderately strong and very generous.

Young wines produced from varieties Vranac are light colored, with a taste reminiscent of fruit jelly. Strong structure with tannins gives freshness. After aging 1-2 years, color of this wine becomes intense ruby. The scent becomes complex, with tones of cinnamon, chocolate, sweets, color, dark fruit and wood, such as oak. Palate was strong, the sharpness develops during the long and fine round finale».