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March, 15-16 - Montevino Wine Fair, Podgorica, Hilton
March, 17-18 - Festival of Japan in Montenegro, a festive reception at the winery
March, 23 – Love Wine Fair, London, Great Britain
April, 17-19 ... Read more »

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In September, we carried out the first delivery of wines to England. Company importer CEnimex took the first pallet of wine in London. The best examples have been tasting in the gourmet restaurants.

Not far from London, in the village of Bray, is the restaurant the FatDuck, which ... Read more »

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Harvesting 2018 is finished! According to our oenologists we are waiting for a high quality wine with good potential and delicate taste. What is new? For the first time in the history of winery Lipovac we laid Chardonnay in amphorae. Winemakers have not revealed the secrets what a wine w ... Read more »

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Wines tasting are becoming more popular. Tourists come to the winery, celebrities and connoisseurs traveling in search of new flavors visit Lipovac. The most commonly used word that characterizes their feedback is the word "Discovery." "Discovering the Balkans", " ... Read more »

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New color and new form distinguish the Harmonia vintage 2017. Blend Vranac and Chardonnay in the same proportions, but what has changed? More delicate mode of pressing was chosen in the technology of wine making, which brought a new Harmonia to classical rose style from Provence.

... Read more »

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New wines will be bottled in June. Sparkling, dessert and new one prepared in amphora will be added to the entire line. Tammuz, Genius, Soul are the names of a bright performance in autochthonous varieties.

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About 700 samples from 11 countries were in Sofia in BIWC format. In the jury there were real noblemen, one of them - Count John Umberto Salvi MW, one of the best Bordeaux wine specialists in the world.

All the wines were evaluated by the 100 point system. The winners of Lipovac ... Read more »

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Another landmark event for us was the participation in the London exhibition. Featuring over 14,000 wines from 40 countries, we decided this was an unmissable destination for Lipovac Winery.

As a result in june the Lipovac’ wines will be presented in Embassy, some of the restaura ... Read more »

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Austria, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, USA, Germany, Ireland, Island, Bulgaria, Great Britain – these are the countries that discover Lipovac this spring.

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Lipovac took the first steps in the market of Japan, after the first tasting in Tokyo and Yokohama. According to tasters: « Wines from Montenegro are discovery for us. Montenegro is not very famous country here in Japan yet…but it will surely attract wine lover’s attention»

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