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About 700 samples from 11 countries were in Sofia in BIWC format. In the jury there were real noblemen, one of them - Count John Umberto Salvi MW, one of the best Bordeaux wine specialists in the world.

All the wines were evaluated by the 100 point system. The winners of Lipovac ... Read more »

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Another landmark event for us was the participation in the London exhibition. Featuring over 14,000 wines from 40 countries, we decided this was an unmissable destination for Lipovac Winery.

As a result in june the Lipovac’ wines will be presented in Embassy, some of the restaura ... Read more »

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Austria, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, USA, Germany, Ireland, Island, Bulgaria, Great Britain – these are the countries that discover Lipovac this spring.

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Lipovac took the first steps in the market of Japan, after the first tasting in Tokyo and Yokohama. According to tasters: « Wines from Montenegro are discovery for us. Montenegro is not very famous country here in Japan yet…but it will surely attract wine lover’s attention»

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At the invitation of Lipovac, Evald Parni visited the winery and tasted the wines. “The great challenge lies in image of Montenegrin wines, said Evad. The world doesn’t know the wine of this country, or believe that it is not of high quality”. The expert gave his assess ... Read more »

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In february we took samples of wine, which are prepared for bottling in March and April. According to Stefano, oenologist and partner from Italy, 2017, will be one of the best for Montenegro. Due to the warm and dry summer, the dominant climatic conditions, the wine has a good potential. ... Read more »

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Lipovac products have passed the necessary certification in the USA. The wines, which got permission a FDA license, are preparing for delivery in April.

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With the advent of the new year, the winery Lipovac is preparing for the summer tourist season. In the next two months representatives of tour operators will visit the winery .

Great location Lipovac Apartments in the mountains, not far from Lake Skadar and Kotor Bay, is a good r ... Read more »

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3 gold and 2 silver medals won Lipovac wines on the fair "Sabatina 2017" in Croatia, city Primosten.

Tellus 2015, Idea 2016, and Model 2015 won the gold medal for quality, while wine Concept 2014 Harmonia 2016, won the silver medal for quality. For us it is more than a s ... Read more »

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On September 15 we’ve got the results of the International tasting competition AWC Vienna 2017. Winery "Lipovac" was awarded: the gold medal went to the wine Vranac Model (vintage 2013), silver medal - Tellus Anfora (vintage 2015). We had sent only two of wine and won two ... Read more »

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