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Established in August 2012 & located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Hedonism is a fine wine & spirits boutique where you can find... Lipovac wine!!!.

Yes!!! Tellus 2015 and Gea 2017 are among the best wines in the world in the most talked about wine project of rec ... Read more »

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Winery Lipovac was awarded with a Trophy BIWC 2019!!! Best of Show from Montenegro became red wine Tellus 2016. The jury selected the winner between more than 800 competitors. Everyone attended the open air festival was able to taste more than 1000 wines by 100 wineries from all around ... Read more »

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Special presentation of Lipovac wines was held in Tokyo. The Japanese market is very important for the winery. Since the beginning of the year, our interests are represented there by the wine company Maekawa. The Japanese respect the traditions of winemaking and appreciate the quality of ... Read more »

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"Lipovac is a small Montenegrin winery that produces high-quality wine. A big part of their production is made in clay amphoras. The Lipovac Tammuz is a brand new wine in the portfolio. It’s made with Kratošija (Zinfandel) fermented and matured in amphora. For a grape that is normally ja ... Read more »

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In October, winery Lipovac will open it's first wine bar in Russia. A small chamber bar is going to present the entire line of the winery, accompanied by wines of small producers from different countries, leading a similar policy with Lipovac: small production, high quality, followin ... Read more »

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In these first days of May our Italian oenologist Stefano Casadei works at the winery. He analyzes the wine, blends and prepares for bottling.

In June Lipovac is going to bottle it’s flagships - white wine Idea and red Concept. Wines are aged in barrique, botti and tonno. ... Read more »

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17 – 19 April 2019, the three-day event in Tokyo welcomed 80,000 trade visitors from all over Japan, Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia and Oceania, comprising of importers, retailers, manufacturers and professionals from the wine, spirits and food service.

Lipovac wines were ... Read more »

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March, 15-16 - Montevino Wine Fair, Podgorica, Hilton
March, 17-18 - Festival of Japan in Montenegro, a festive reception at the winery
March, 23 – Love Wine Fair, London, Great Britain
April, 17-19 ... Read more »

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15 -16 of March, Lipovac wines in "Monte Vino", Hilton, Podgorica!!!

This international exhibition takes place every year in March, is one of the most important regional events dedicated to wine and includes the main and additional programs that combine food tasting, w ... Read more »

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On November 22-23, Tokyo will host 3 professional tastings in restaurants of European and Japanese cuisine. Wine sets will be presented in French "L'enfant Coeur et Coeur", "Le Favori" and in Japanese restaurant "Maekawa". It is planned that the event wi ... Read more »

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